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100ProofWriter - A Essays WriterCredentials:
B.A. Journalism, University of California, Las Angeles (UCLA)
Editor-in-Chief, Literary Journal
Freelance Writer
Freelance Editor
Writing Tutor
Specialties: Current Events, Humanities, Social Sciences, Fiction, Nonfiction, Screenplay, Resume, Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, Letter of Intent, ESL
Number of words written: 10326
Description: By working closely with each client, I use my extensive research, writing and editing skills to help you write the perfect paper. My extensive writing and editing experience has helped me develop a keen eye for incorrect grammar, clumsy phrasing and awkward sentence structure. Working as a copy writer and editor for a literary journal has offered me exposure to a diverse array of writing, including poetry, fiction, screenplays, creative nonfiction and more. I have also helped a number of researchers compose and edit papers submitted for peer review.

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DocDoc - A Essays WriterCredentials:
Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD in Finance/Economics, University of Pennsylvania
BS Accounting/Finance, University of Pennsylvania
Specialties: CBusiness, Mathematics, Finance, Economics, Social Sciences, Nonfiction, ESL, Resume/Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, Letter of Intent
Number of words written: 22342
Description: Extensive experience with research, writing and editing. I have been teaching at the college level for over 6 years, guiding, grading and editing numerous dissertations. My experience is well rounded, included writing, editing and critiquing a wide variety of academic and professional documents, including persuasive essays, research papers, term papers, resumes, CVs and more. I am also a certified English as a Second Language (ESL) tutor, which makes me uniquely qualified to write and edit for non-native English writers. I work with each client until the document is perfect!

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ProWriter - A Essays WriterCredentials:
Executive Masters in Business Administration, University of Chicago, Booth
Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of California, Berkley
Specialties: Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, Nonfiction, fiction, ESL
Number of words written: 11512
Description: Because I have extensive writing experience, I understand the subtle nuances in sentence construction that will take your document from mediocre to stellar. My 15 years experience as a high school English teacher combined with my professional writing and editing career has allowed me the opportunity to edit numerous papers on a variety of topics. As a contributing freelance writer for several publications and websites, I fully understand and appreciate the editing process. I take care to maintain not only the original context but the writer’s unique voice. Providing constructive feedback and offering hints and tips is the most rewarding part of my editing process. Rest assured that allowing me the opportunity to help you create the perfect essay, research paper, term paper, etc. will improve your overall writing skills.

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Write4Me - A Essays WriterCredentials:
Masters of Business Administration, Stanford University
B.A. Sociology, Rutgers University
B.S. Political Science, Ohio State University
Freelance Writer
Freelance Editor
Specialties: Humanities, Social Sciences, General Business, Resume, Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, Letter of Intent, ESL
Number of words written: 26549
Description: If you are experiencing writer’s block, let me help you! I have over 10 years freelance writing and editing experience and 20 years business experience. I have exceptional research skills, and have helped with numerous PhD level dissertations, peer reviewed journal articles, college level persuasive essays and much more. I have tutored a number of ESL students, helping improve their writing skills. For this reason, I have an in-depth understanding of errors frequently made by non-native English writers. My wealth of experience has helped me develop the ability to express a thought in a concise, clear manner. You can trust your writing and editing will receive 100% of my attention! Let me help you become a superb writer.

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TheEditDoctor - A Essays WriterCredentials:
M. A. Creative Writing, University of Iowa
B. A. Journalism, University of Tennessee
Specialties: Business, Fiction, Nonfiction, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities, Legal, ESL
Number of words written: 33217
Description: As a teacher is the United States and abroad (Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica), I have developed a full understanding of the challenges facing most non-native English writers. Because I have worked as a freelance writer and editor for numerous online clients, I have written and edited over 4 million words covering a wide variety of topics. Following directions from the client, addressing each client’s concerns and meeting or exceeding deadline constraints has clients returning for my help again and again. Where editing is necessary (or requested) I will provide you with a fully tracked version, a clean final draft, editing suggestions, a full critique and more. The job is not complete until you are 100% happy!

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